Economical Protection

Have you ever thought what will happen to you, or to your family, if you are no longer able to work and provide income?

Now it is the time to think of a shield plan that will allow you to live your life securely.

How can QNB ALAHLI Life help you?  

QNB ALAHLI Life offers you a safe and guaranteed protection plan with Economical Protection , with the following benefits:

It offers a definite pre-agreed lump sum of money in case of death total and permanent disability or terminal illness.

It also gives you a free temporary accidental coverage until the policy is issued, exclusively from QNB ALAHLI Life in the Egyptian Market.

Available in both EGP and USD.

For best coverage for you and your children, please note that Family Protection Plans(Economical Protection and Accidental Coverage) are recommended along with Al Rafiq Graduation and Al Rafiq Wedding Plans .