Al Nokhba

You have USD or EGP and you do not know how to invest them.

QNB ALAHLI Life offers you the opportunity to invest your money in products with high performances.

How can QNB ALAHLI Life help you to invest your money?  

QNB ALAHLI Life proposes with one Al Nokhba Product to provide you with both saving and insurance benefits at the same time.

By simply investing a single premium (in USD or EGP): starting from 5,000 USD or 10,000 EGP.

You invest your savings in products with high performances.

You are free to add additional money to invest whenever you want during the contract.

The saving program gives you a free, temporary, accidental coverage until the policy is issued, which is exclusive to QNB ALAHLI Life in the Egyptian Market.

In case of Death or Total and Permanent Disability, double the sum assured will be paid.

This product is available in both EGP and USD.