Al Rafiq Project

Every one of us, in their life has their own dream, a specific personal ambition; to change apartment, change car or enhance existing projects. Whatever our aspirations are, we should have enough money to make our dreams come true

How can QNB ALAHLI Life help you to plan for your life?  

An easy way of saving that suits your monthly income and the time period that you decide as appropriate. Guaranteed long term investment designed specially to enable you from having enough money for your dream project .

It gives you a lump sum of money after a dedicated period.

In case of death, total and permanent disability or terminal illness QNB ALAHLI Life offers a lump sum of money in order to cover the circumstances.

It also gives you a free, temporary, accidental coverage until the policy is issued , which is exclusive to QNB ALAHLI Life in the Egyptian Market.

Available in both EGP and USD