Al Rafiq Retirement

While you are getting older ,your commitments are increasing as well as prices on an ongoing basis, However the income is declining , are you ready to maintain the same standard of living when you are at retirement age ?

How can QNB ALAHLI Life help you to plan for your retirement?

At the age of 60, it gives you a lump sum of money for a peaceful retirement. In case of death, total and permanent disability or terminal illness QNB ALAHLI Life offers a lump sum of money in order to cover the circumstances.

Insurance coverage in case of death or total and permanent disability (TPD):The company will pay to the insured or to his/her beneficiary the accumulated savings or the cash valueof the policy, whichever is greater, in accordance with the conditions of the contract.

It also give you a free temporary accidental coverage until the policy is issued , which is exclusive to QNB ALAHLI Life in the Egyptian Market

Available in both EGP and USD