Al Rafiq Wedding

You feel happy everyday while seeing your children growing up, and at the end of each Life stage you get closer to the moment you've always dreamed of which is seeing them in their wedding suite / dress, so are you ready to make this the happiest day of their life ?

How can QNB ALAHLI Life help you to plan for this special event?  

QNB ALAHLI Life offers you with Al Rafiq Wedding plan for your child's wedding, by saving each month, quarter or year, a certain amount of money which will enable your beneficiaries to benefit from a lump of sum when they reach the maximum age of 25 .

In case of death or total & permanent disability, QNB ALAHLI Life will take the burden of the premium until your child becomes 25 years old and pay them the same lump sum of money at the maximum age of 25. This saving program gives you free, temporary, accidental coverage until the policy is issued, which is exclusive to QNB ALAHLI Life in the Egyptian Market.

This product is available in both EGP and USD.