Group Term Life Insurance

Strength in protection, loyalty in care

Fulfill your company’s moral obligation towards employees and their families and increase employee retention by providing the best for the staff in your organization. Our Group Term Life insurance plan provides protection to the staff of an organization in the event of life mishaps, such as death or disability.

Policy perks and protection:

  • Distinctive insurance coverage for the insured employee in case of death due to sickness or accident, and total disability because of sickness or accident, or partial disability resulting from an accident (God Forbid).
  • Payment of double the insurance amount to support the employee’s family or beneficiaries in case of death resulting from an accident (God Forbid).
  • Salary continuity for up to 12 months in case of death (God Forbid) to support the employee’s family or beneficiaries along with covering the funeral expenses and paying the insurance amount to help them through those difficult times.
  • 24/7 insurance coverage.
  • Define your own EGP or USD terms by setting your preferred insured sum according to employees’ salaries, employment category, and multiple sources of income.