News Marathon 2023

QNB AL AHLI Life Insurance company was pleased to sponsor the IFE marathon event held on 12 May 2023, at Gezira Youth Centre, Zamalek

The marathon aims to raise awareness on being physically active and the importance of playing sports.

Both play an important role in improving one’s fitness and overall health, which in turn prevents childhood cancer as well as other types of cancer.

Marathon event was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority and Managing Director of insurance company, their employees and families.

The minister welcomed all participants attending the marathon this year and appreciated the event’s theme, huge turn out and diversity of activities.

The marathon included a range of competitions suitable for all members with different abilities and age groups.

QNB AL AHLI Life received an appreciation trophy for its continuous efforts and support to the IFE and its activities.

The trophy was received by Mr. Ahmed Nofal, Commercial Director and board member.

QNB AL AHLI Life employees joining the event, and enjoying the marathon run, activities, and entertainment program.